Joshua Eppstein - Brey's Basketball Camps & Leagues

 We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all you have done to help Joshua with his basketball skills. He has participated in several of your camps and leagues and has thoroughly enjoyed it! He has recieved some awesome coaching and great encouragement while he continues to learn and work on his game. Thank you for helping him work hard to improve his basketball skills and still have a fun time on the court! We look forword to seeing you at the next Brey's Basketball Camp and Leagues

Larry and  Kathy Eppstein

Mother and Father of Joshua


Elijah & Isaiah Lopez - Brey's Basketball League

 I just want to share how happy I am with Coach Brey's Basketball League. My two sons not only learned a lot about the game of basketball, but they had a great and awesome time as well. I definitely see a big improvement in their game. And their love for the game has grown as well.  The league was awesome and all of the kids seemed to be happy with the coaches and each other. It was really great to be a part of it! Thanks Coach Brey, John and the other coaches for all you do for the kids. We will definitely continue to be a part of Brey's Basketball Leagues. Go bombers!!

Ralph Lopez

Father of Elijah and Isaiah


Aidan DeMeglio - Brey's Camps, Leagues & Training

I can’t say enough about Coach Brey and Brey’s Academy! My son attended Coach Brey’s Summer Camp for the first time this past summer. My son really responded to Coach Brey and his coaching style. So much so, that we came back for the fall league at Brey’s Academy! I can’t tell you what pleasure I get out of seeing my son have fun and just play the game for the pure love of it. Additionally, we have just started individual training with Coach Brey outside of the league play. My son comes home from training so excited about what they’ve worked on! He loves every bit of it and can’t wait for the next session! We have played  basketball with rec leagues, travel AAU teams, etc. You want your child to have the Brey’s Academy experience!!! No matter their skill level, no matter where they have played before, they will feel right at home at Brey’s. Thank you Coach Brey for reminding my son of why he fell in love with the game in the first place!

Alyssa DeMeglio

Mother of Aidan